Services: Internationalisation


Another important branch of our activity involves providing support for the internationalisation of our customers.

The term internationalisation is the process by which a company prepares and expands its business outside the national market, with the aim of distributing its products and providing services on a global scale.

This implies adapting to foreign markets and different social contexts, which most certainly includes the language and its varieties, taking as an example the simple distinction between the varieties of English in Great Britain, United States or Australia, or more complex matters such as in-depth knowledge of the culture as well as verbal and non-verbal language. Communicating in a foreign language therefore plays a crucial role in business, being to all intents and purposes a tool for success.


  • Consultation with an expert for opening a branch in Italy (market analysis, competitor mapping, definition of commercial strategies, development of brand awareness, complete start-up of the company)
  • Translation and localisation of documents and contracts, product descriptions, websites and informative material
  • Linguistic support for the company organisation, product launches, interviews with staff, meetings with customers and suppliers, etc.
  • Assistance to foreign management in Italy, organisation of travel and accommodation, activities for learning about the local area, interpreting and Italian courses


  • Corporate secretarial services abroad for customer and supplier contacts, business development
  • Linguistic support for business development, organisation of trade fairs/meetings/product launches, management travel, even during company staff training (interpreting for machinery courses), strategic interpreting
  • Organisational consulting and assistance for corporate events abroad (location selection, ticket service and hotel booking in collaboration with our partners)
  • Welcoming of foreign customers to Italy, organisation of accommodation, assistance during meetings/travel/dinners, suggestions for leisure time activities and guided tours
  • Recall service, telephone contacts and international written correspondence
  • Translation and localisation of documents and contracts, technical manuals and product descriptions, websites and informative material, software and apps, AdWords keywords and SEO for foreign companies, video subtitling, content for marketing and social media
  • Sworn translations: asseverazioni (certification of sworn translations) and legalizzazioni (authentication)
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