Services: Interpreting and Voice over services

On site and remotely

Interpreters are professionals with excellent general knowledge and expertise in one or more foreign languages besides their mother tongue.

There are, however, different types of interpreting and therefore careful selection of an interpreter, with suitable knowledge, training, preparation and experience, is fundamental for achieving the result desired.

Contact us and together we’ll evaluate the interpreter most suited to your needs:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: this is a conference service that involves the “simultaneous” interpreting of the contents of a speech given by a speaker. The interpreter, using headphones, listens to the voice of the speaker and, speaking into a microphone, translates the speech, which is then transmitted to the listeners who, in turn, are provided with headphones for the purpose. It is a service that is generally carried out in appropriate booths in which the interpreters – certified professionals with references (2 interpreters for each language combination) – change over approximately every half hour.
  • Consecutive interpreting: this service envisages the interpreter sitting alongside the speaker. The interpreter memorises and takes notes while the speaker is talking and then, after each sentence or, at the most, after a few minutes of speaking, steps in to translate the speech into the target language for the listeners. In this case, each individual word is not necessarily translated, but it is fundamental that the interpreter masters interpreting techniques to ensure that the message is communicated correctly and completely.
  • Liaison interpreting: this form of interpreting is not directed at an audience but just a small number of people and takes place during work meetings, commercial negotiations, technical training sessions in companies, informal meetings, etc. It is an interpreting service that may be simple or extremely complex, depending on the context and the subject. It is essential that interpreters are used with suitable knowledge of the sector, who prepare carefully for each event.
  • Chuchotage (Whispered): in this case, the interpreter translates the speaker’s message, speaking in a low voice near the recipient or even “whispering” into his/her ear. It is useful when only 1 or 2 people require an interpreting service and avoids the use of interpreting equipment and headphones. Again in this case, the interpreters change over every hour or half hour.


  • Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and voice over
  • Meetings, conferences and business meetings
  • Continuing education/refresher courses for employees
  • For transfers abroad
  • Interpreting during medical examinations, questioning or when testifying
  • Hire of translation equipment and headsets
  • Multilingual speakers for audio/video recordings
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