Created in 2006, ViceVersaGroup was founded on the experience of group of professionals (translators, interpreters, teachers) who, after several years working together in a company within the same sector, decided to unite their skills and create a new type of network , offering a wide range of linguistic services while fostering a direct, supportive and personalised approach with customers.

Today we are a company working with over 500 professionals with structured processes, but the team organisation still reflects the values of the network in which we believe so strongly: above all integrity and mutual trust

In addition to the close-knit in-house team, ViceVersa Group is made up of a wide-ranging and well-established network of professionals. Each person works according to their personal competence within the sector with commitment and responsibility, helping to make the company efficient and ready to satisfy even the most urgent or particular requests.

We work hard and well, but we also like to find time to smile, spend time together and have fun. The ViceVersaGroup parties for all staff and partners are appreciated precisely for this reason!

The excellent relationships and mutual trust between us and our collaborators are strong points of which we are proud. ViceVersaGroup: a group by name and nature!

ViceVersaGroup il gruppo
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